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    Alli Scali grew up in rural West Virginia with a mother and father whose lives were devoted to public service. Being able to work with her father throughout her childhood, Alli fostered the love of helping people in many different capacities. Graduating from Marshall University with a degree in Elementary Education, Alli spent 11 years in a classroom educating her students not only academically, but socially and emotionally. She continued her education by obtaining a master’s degree utilizing technology in education.

    When Alli relocated to Alabama, she and her husband decided that it would be best for her to be at home while her boys adjusted to new schools and a new place. All the while, Alli continued to find ways to help and serve others in whatever capacity she could. Having joined a local church, Alli was able to develop relationships and find opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others in many different capacities.

    Alli has found that real estate is a unique way to combine her passion for serving others with her capacity to lead and educate. Alli doesn’t view her clients as just a business transaction, but relationships built on trust, integrity, and empathy! Her care and diligence in using the home buying and selling process as a means to educate consumers in an ever-changing environment is evident in all she does. Nothing is more of a blessing and privilege to Alli than helping people achieve their dream of home ownership. One of her favorite quotes is, “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”.

    Alli Scali
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    Alli Scali

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